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Client Reports 90% of calls coming from Google Search after integrating SEO and review campaign.

When we started this project, this company was concerned that they would have to close their business because they were receiving no calls. They were ranking on page 5 for some of their target keywords, and were in the bottom of the search results, on pages 7, 8, and 9, for others. 

For this project we focused on improving the internal structural engineering of the website and integrating the company’s target keywords into the code. We added key foundational SEO elements that were completely missing from the website, and we fixed programming problems that were blocking the website’s ability to be read properly by the search engines.

This project focused on the following major SEO ranking factors: the SEO efficiency score, Keyword Volume, and Search Impression Volume. These solutions were sufficient in the company’s target city to move the website up to the first page for over 100 target keywords. Months later, the company reported that they were receiving so many calls, they could not keep up with the work.

1. SEO Efficiency Score: We improved their SEO efficiency score from 17/100 to 84.9/100. The SEO efficiency score is the foundation of an effective SEO campaign. To get the score higher, the client needed to add more text content to the pages on the website. This company wanted a simple website design and did not add the recommended text because our work had already achieved their first page goals, so they were satisfied with the 84.9/100 SEO Efficiency Score.

2. Keyword Volume: We increased their Keyword Volume to 410. The Keyword Volume SEO ranking factor is a major Google ranking factor and is something our SEO packages excel in improving because we include unlimited keywords in every package. This enables us to make significant progress for this SEO ranking factor.

3. Search Impressions Per Day: When this company started their SEO campaign, they were getting an average of 50 search engine impressions per day, and a year later, they are getting an average of 2,300 search impressions per day and are reporting that 95% of their calls are coming from Google Search results.

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I highly recommend this company to all of my friends and colleagues. When I got on the first page, I had so many calls, I couldn’t keep up with them. They also fixed some problems with my website’s code and SEO that were caused by a previous company.

Company Owner

Your work is highly recommended by my company. After I got on the first page in Google, I made money off of my SEO investment. It was well worth the retainer that I pay each month to have a year like that.

Company Owner