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Foundation Repair Company ranks #1

Client reports 70% of calls coming from Google Search after integrating SEO and location repositioning and expansion strategies.

When we started this project, this company was on page 9 at the bottom of the search results. After two years of being on our SEO program, this company went from having 4 first page rankings for keywords that weren’t working well for them to having over 1,800 first page rankings. Part of the reason they had so many first page rankings is because we added 50 service area pages for all of the surrounding cities and optimized them for the search engines. In addition, this project focused on the following major SEO ranking factors: the SEO efficiency score, Keyword Volume, Backlinks and Search Impression Volume.

1. SEO Efficiency Score: We improved their SEO efficiency score from a 30.4 to a 94.9. The SEO efficiency score is the foundation of an effective SEO campaign.



2. Keyword Volume: We increased their Keyword Volume from 12 to 3,840. The Keyword Volume SEO ranking factor is a major Google ranking factor and is something our SEO packages excel in improving because we include unlimited keywords in every package. This enables us to make significant progress for this SEO ranking factor.

3. Backlinks: We increased their backlink count from 15 to 5,200. Backlinks are an essential part of a successful SEO campaign and are used to stabilize rankings and are essential to maintain rankings on the top 3 pages of the Google search results. 


4. Search Impressions Per Day: When this company started their SEO campaign, they were getting an average of 30 search engine impressions a month, and a year later, they are getting an average of 4,500 search impressions per day and are reporting that over 70% of their calls are coming from Google Search results.

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70% of all of my calls comes from Google search after the work you guys did on my website and SEO. Before you worked on my website, I was no where. I am happy with this company. I figured it would take about a year to get where I wanted for my main search term, and I got there sooner.

Foundation Repair Company, Owner

I absolutely recommend this company. I have tried a lot of different marketing and advertising, and this is the one thing I know works, or at least the way you do it works. After we did the service area pages, we started getting calls from lots of areas that we typically don’t hear too much from thanks to you. This is going well from my perspective. Definitely worth what I pay for SEO. I see a lot of value here.

Foundation Repair Company, Owner

I recommend this company. I am impressed with the professional service. My website's rankings on the internet have done a complete turnaround from where we were when we started.

Foundation Repair Company, Owner